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"b, what's your favorite color?", asked my nephew.  

"BLACK!" shouted his 4-year-old sister before I could even think of answering.

Yes, she's correct, and my second favorite is Chartreuse - that yellow-green-almost-slime like color...Go figure.  

It's easy, it's slimming, it hides spills.  My first job in the fashion industry I spent 18 months driving a 29-foot Winnebago as a Road Warrior (traveling saleswoman) with little access to laundry, and the desire to carry the least, yet get the most options.

I've been back in Southern California for 3 years and color is very slowly making its way into my wardrobe.  I love it on other people and affectionately call my sister "the color whisperer" as she wears it so well, and has such an incredible eye for combinations.  When I put it on, I feel like a Chicklet. 

Baby steps, I'm working on it, but if you need to find me, just look for the Elvira wanna-be. 


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