Paul R. Nardoni, Aiding Cancer Patients

I met Paul at 21 years-old when we both worked at a restaurant in DelMar, California. Two kids from New Jersey playing the "who-do-you-know" game and bonding over a love of food, family and each other.  Our incredible friendship continued until his untimely death at age 32 from cancer, but the love never stopped.  Because of Paul, I have the gift of extended family with the Nardoni Haney and Flores families, and their amazing friends.  I'd give anything to have him back, and am eternally grateful for the relationships I've gained and the amazing work done by the Paul R. Nardoni Foundation.  I've seen first hand just how impactful their work is and I encourage you to support them in their efforts!
"The funds and programs provided by the Paul R. Nardoni Foundation have a direct and immediate impact on patients. The comfort the Foundation provides is a testament to the insight that Paul had into the very nature of the patient/family relationship -- the knowledge that with the external comfort and 
support to the patient and their family, the patient’s battle to overcome this dreaded disease can be focused without distraction."