Sky Eye Jasper Bead Bracelet - Silver

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This is a stone that everyone should have in their collection. When you need the touch of an uplifting spirit, grab your jasper bracelet and allow the feelings of happiness and joy to consume you. It’s known as the supreme nurturer for a reason - exhibiting strength, courage, and wisdom to its wearer. The multicolored circles and lines represent the interconnectedness of all things, just like the design of our bracelets. When used regularly, this stone can assist with the development of self-love, empathy for others and can encourage the drive to move forward.

If you like to mix-match your warm and cool tones, the Sky Eye Jasper bracelet is the one for you.  With cool tones like blue and grey and warm tones like orange and red, the sky eye jasper is ready to be matched with any of your other favorite Brett Lauren bracelets.