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    It's who we are, it's what we believe, and here's how we do it.

    We employ women in our local communities who want to work but aren't afforded the same opportunities that you or I were. They are, or have been, homeless, in recovery houses, and are survivors of trafficking or domestic violence.  They have been everywhere that you and I hope to never be. They possess strong work ethics, sharp minds and able hands. But more importantly, they have the best spirit, biggest hearts and smiles more brilliant than any diamond.

    We believe that done right, work can equal more than just a paycheck and a beautiful piece of jewelry, it's a fresh set of skills, educational opportunities and renewed confidence.

    We couldn't be more honored to be a part of their journey...

  • Miss Octavia

    "Working with Brett Lauren was "The Experience" we all desire. I gained knowledge, felt unity, was encouraged and was at peace with every bead I put on the string. It was my necessary "Me" time when my thoughts became clear. There should be more people like her in this world. She not only gave her time but shared her experiences and gifted me genuine support. I am blessed to have met such a phenomenal woman."

  • Miss Yomali

    "When I first heard about Brett coming to Oasis. I was excited to see how to make Jewelry. Working with Brett doesn't feel like working for her she made me feel like family."

    My plans for this Summer are to keep pushing myself to not give up on my dream of becoming a childcare provider. And finally, to have my driver's license.

    My plans for next year are to have a job in a preschool as an assistant teacher.

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