After a 25+ year career in the Fashion Industry, Brett Lauren Krugman left to pursue her passion - product and people.   

Her desire to use a non-traditional production platform of employing and educating women from underserved local communities is borne out of a lifetime of hands-on volunteer experience, frustration with a lack of diversity and opportunity and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the luck and opportunity in her life.


My signature blend of rich colors and sometimes edgy finishes serve as a token of light and hope for both the maker and the wearer.

Partnering with these women on their way to self-sufficiency and a renewed sense of confidence is what my company is all about.


Being raised in the fashion industry, I fell in love with product development.

It may sound strange, but production was always my favorite part of the fashion industry! Bringing something from the idea phase all the way through to a finished product was fascinating to me, which is why I teach as much of it as I can to the women I employ.



It’s not just assembling jewelry.

When my ladies come into work, they’re walking in the door to my “home.”  We become “family”, and as such help to provide support, education, and encouragement to improve their livelihood.

My hope for each of these women is they eventually move on to a more skilled position somewhere else. So, I teach them everything I know about manufacturing practices, costs and shows, and I sit with them and talk about their everyday life being homeless, their hopes, the everyday obstacles they face and how we can help them go forward.  Our company motto: “WE LOVE EMPLOYEE TURNOVER!”


The gemstone beads symbolize women in transition and the bezel setting symbolizes BRETT LAUREN. The stones spin independently, but they are protected by the bezel. The string of linked stones is the community holding us all together. From the women in my studio to you wearing this talisman, we’re all connected and supported by each other.

“Our Ladies”, as I affectionately refer to them, are smart, they’re funny, and they’re some of the strongest people I’ve ever met.

It’s so amazing to see the transformation before your eyes, to watch these women evolve as they keep coming back to work. They start sharing their stories and opinions, laughing, and regaining their voice…It all makes my heart go pitter-pat!


The highest compliment we can receive is when someone chooses to give

BRETT LAUREN as a gift.

We are honored when you select one of our pieces to commemorate a special occasion or event, celebrate a birthday, thank a friend, or treat yourself…

We take your confidence in us very seriously and promise to uphold that trust and provide you with the best possible experience.

When you purchase from Brett Lauren, you’re joining a community, the “family” of women supporting each other through times of transition and in our everyday lives. 


We can’t thank you enough.