Miss Octavia

"Working with Brett Lauren was "The Experience" we all desire. I gained knowledge, felt unity, was encouraged and was at peace with every bead I put on the string. It was my necessary "Me" time when my thoughts became clear. There should be more people like her in this world. She not only gave her time but shared her experiences and gifted me genuine support. I am blessed to have met such a phenomenal woman."


My Goals for this summer are:

- To Establish my Brand

- Complete pilot program "MONE" workshop

- Work on my website

- Go over/Edit my manuscript (in preparation for the "Writer in a weekend" workshop)

- Network at as many fundraisers as possible

- Complete my Resume

- Have a few more Mock interview 

- Establish some type of childcare for my son (to prepare for work)


Next year my Goals are to:

- Be employed 

- Finish writing my Book

- Work on publishing my book

- Establish permanent position for MONE workshop 

- work on traveling with it to other organizations.