Oasis, A Haven for Women and Children


Over the past few years, you no doubt have heard me mention Oasis, in Paterson, NJ.  I refer to it as "my happy place", that I miss terribly these days...

Oasis is truly "A Haven for Women and Children". I can't say enough about the visionary Executive Director, Jennifer Brady and the entire staff - they care that they take, the skills they teach, the lessons they provide, the warmth and encouragement they bestow and the confidence they encourage are magical to see!  While doing everything they can to maintain some sense of normalcy for their participants, Oasis has, in large part, been feeding the community of Paterson during these incredibly challenging times, in an exceptionally challenged and underserved community.

Please consider donating to Oasis - whether through us or their direct link below!

From Oasis:

"Today we focus on: 1) education and training to help women enter the workforce and 2) after-school (and Saturday) programs that help children and teens excel in school, enter post-secondary education and training, and succeed in a career. 

We continue to offer women and children hot meals, emergency food bags, clothing and the help of three on-site social workers.  

Oasis is the only area organization offering this vital mix of anti-poverty services in a single location."