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Pewter is a metal.  As a color, its' matte gray.  And I love it.
Growing up, my father was a fashion designer on 7th Avenue in New York.  While I don't remember where this statement originated, perhaps as an antidote to the adage, "You can never be too rich or too thin", Daddy used to say "You can't be too gray."
Huh?  Ok, Mom, if you're reading this, (at least once, I hope), where did that come from?
In the 90's, fashion was very gray.  So was my Dad's hair - it was actually white - but let's not quibble.  We wore tons of gray, the dining room was painted "Armani gray" from my Dad's suit.  It was everywhere, in every form.  
I never grew out of it, probably never will.  I own more gray t-shirts than any human should ever have, and they look fabulous with stacks of my Pewter bracelets!

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