Q. You say that you hire homeless women - you do pay them, don't you?

A. YES!  Anyone that works with, or for us, is PAID.  In the instance of employing the women from the shelters, all work is state regulated and BRETT LAUREN pays the organization for the work done.

Q. Where do you ship from and how long will it take to get my order?

A. We ship from CT using the USPS First Class service unless otherwise specified.  It generally takes 5 - 7 business days to produce and ship your order, and then please allow 5 - 7 business days for the postal service.  We make every effort to ship as fast as we can, but please keep in mind that most items are made to order.

Q. What happens if my bracelet breaks?

A. Elastic can be a very fickle material, especially in warmer climates where you may be in and out of air conditioning, or any rapid temperature changes.  If it should break, please gather all pieces, and email us at hello@brettlauren.com for an RA #.  You'll then ship it back to us where we will restring and return to you.

Q. I received one of your bracelets as a gift and the color isn't me.

A. No problem, we are happy to make an exchange and make sure you have a piece you will love wearing!

Q. I ordered the wrong size/need a different size.

A. Easy to take care of - just let us know how many more or how many fewer beads you need, return the piece that you have, and we'll ship your new, properly fitting bracelet!

Q. What is your Return Policy?

A. We offer a merchandise credit for the amount of the piece, exclusive of taxes and any additional shipping costs that may have incurred.  We do not return currency in any form.

Q. How do I care for my pieces?

A. Always remove jewelry before swimming, exercising and applying soap, perfume, make-up, lotions and hairspray as they are all potentially damaging to the finish of plated jewelry.

After wear and before putting away, wipe the jewelry with a clean soft cloth to remove any oils, dirt or makeup.  If needed, use a tiny amount of mild liquid soap, but never jewelry cleaner.  Store in a cloth bag.